Staff Mobility


Erasmus+ staff mobility can be undertaken by both teaching and administrative staff. Staff mobility is expected to contribute to the overall priorities of Erasmus+ through the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education International Business School is obliged to follow.

Staff must carry out their mobility activity in any Program Country different from the country of the sending institute and country of residence.

All full-time staff employed at International Business School are eligible for participation.


Types of Erasmus+ Staff Mobility:

  • Teaching periods: this activity allows IBS teaching staff to teach at a partner HEI abroad. Staff mobility for teaching can be in any subject are a/academic discipline.
  • Training periods: this activity supports the professional development of IBS teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner HEI, or at another relevant organization abroad.

A period abroad can combine teaching and training activities.


Staff must carry out their mobility activity in one of the 30 other Programme countries in Europe different from the country of the sending institute and country of residence: all EU Member States, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Turkey.   


Staff teaching mobility can only be undertaken to another HEI which holds an ECHE (Erasmus+ Higher Education Charter) and with which IBS holds an Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreement before the mobility takes place. 

The call for Teaching Mobility is done once per Winter Semester and once per Summer Semester as follows:

-          From 10.02.2017 to 10.03.2017

-          From  01.06.2017 to 30.06.2017

In case there are less candidates than the available vacancies per academic year, then the call remains open. Mobilities must be materialized no later than 30.09.2017.



  1. The duration of the activity can be from 2 days to 2 months, excluding travel.
  2. The teaching activity has to comprise minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week (or any lower period of stay). If  the  mobility  lasts  longer  than  one  week,  the  minimum  number  of  teaching hours for an incomplete week should be proportional to the duration of that week.               
  3. For the academic 2016/2017 year IBS has 3 staff mobility vacancies with maximum duration 6 days.
  4. The mobility activity should be carried out in any Program Country different from the country of residence.
  5. Only full-time staff should apply.
  6. Priority should be given to applicants that have never participated Erasmus + Programme.
  7. Timing of the mobility.  The trip should not take place during a holiday period of the Host University.  For example, if during Easter Holidays in Bulgaria the Host University is normally operating then the mobility is legitimate.
  8. The selection is done in cooperation with the Dean of the School and approved by the School’s Council.
  9. Applications to mobility destinations without Bilateral Agreement should be accepted, only in case the Bilateral Agreement is signed before the mobility takes place.
  10. The approved candidates would have until 30th September 2017 to materialize the mobility.

Depending on the number of applications and according to the grant available, the Selection Committee will decide about the duration each mobility would be funded for.  

However, in special cases where the Teaching Mobility cannot be realized the applicant has the opportunity to apply for a new Teaching mobility destination, provided that the funding (daily and ticket allowances) required, will balance the funding of the initial approved destination, or it is lower. 


Incoming Erasmus + Staff Mobility

International Business School receives Staff Mobility requests from other universities asking to carry out training or teaching visits here. Requests may come directly to the Erasmus Office. It is at the discretion of the Academic Programme Director concerned whether or not to accept a staff training or teaching visitor. The hosting Academic Programme Director is responsible for organizing a program based on the interests of the visitor and there is a considerable time commitment in planning the program and hosting the visit.

Actions for the interested visitors

Visit IBS website and identify the Academic Programme you wish to visit. Contact the Erasmus Office and you will receive the relevant person’s contacts within the Academic Programme to discuss common grounds on teaching/research or training interest. Once the dates of the visit have been agreed, the Teaching Program should be prepared. On receipt of the confirmed Teaching Program, an invitation letter from the host Academic Programme Director will be sent by email.



Visiting staff must be employed by a partner institution of International Business School with which there is a specific agreement for Staff Mobility. Financial support should be provided by the home institution of the visitor. Visitors should ensure they have adequate medical insurance, while being in Bulgaria. Please, note all arrangements must be made at least two months prior to the visit. Bottom of Form



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