Sixteenth International Scientific Conference

22-23 March 2019, Sofia


Innovations and Entrepreneurship in Education and Business


International Business School


The central conference topic is innovation and entrepreneurship which is recognized as the major driving factor of growth and source of competitive advantage in all areas of social life – from economics through social spheres such as education to culture, art and sport as professional activities and a way of spending leisure time. Innovations and entrepreneurship assure new ideas and solutions of modern challenges facing business, education, and environment. On the part of business and education, they aim to educate innovation and entrepreneurship culture promoting the implementation of new technologies in real life.

The Sixteenth International Science Conference of the International Business School intends to become the platform of introducing innovative theories, products and services; discussions on the problems of policies of intelligent specialization and development of science and education; popularization of good practices and innovative methods of transfer of knowledge.

During the two conference days, together with the major conference panels, there will be round tables and discussion sessions organized with the aim of exchange of ideas and opportunities for cooperation among representatives of science, education and business.


Thematic directions:


Section I: Innovations – a source for competitive advantages

Section II: Entrepreneurship and creativity

Section III: Transformation of modern business models

Section IV: Innovative decisions in education. Entrepreneurship universities.



Reports must be original works and must not have been presented at other forums or submitted for publication elsewhere.

The conference will take place on 22-23 March 2019 at the building of the Distance Learning Center of IBS in Sofia, 7 Vincent Van Gogh Street.

Participants organize themselves their accommodation during the time of the conference.

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