A lecture on “Emotional Intelligence” was held at the International Business School for high-school students from the 4th Secondary School “Prof. John Atanasov”, members of the “School Media” club

Team IBS
Apr 25, 2024

High schoolers from the 4th Secondary School “Prof. John Atanasov”, members of the “School Media” club, became students for a day and immersed themselves in the business environment and education of our university during a lecture on “Emotional Intelligence”, presented by Prof. Dr. Lalka Borissova, lecturer in “Business Communications” at the IBS. The initiative was organized by Ms. Silvia Kostadinova, head of the club, and Ms. Velichka Mihaylova, deputy director of the school. The event took place in the IBS building and focused on the topic of Emotional Intelligence.

The goal of the lecture is to achieve emotional awareness and to encourage awareness and understanding of one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. This is an important aspect for people who work in media and journalism, as they need to be able to understand the emotional reactions of the people they are reporting on.

Emotional Intelligence is key to the development of successful individuals and an important factor in building good interpersonal relationships and achieving personal and professional goals. During the lecture, Prof. Dr. Borissova emphasized the importance of developing this important quality of personality, focusing on the key areas: self-awareness, self-control, empathy, social competence, and self-control.

The students gained valuable knowledge about useful tools and techniques for managing emotions and relationships with different audiences, as well as understanding their feelings, needs, and interests.

Prof. Borissova used games and tests to improve their effective communication skills in the context of media and journalism. These skills include active listening, clear expression, and creating an emotional connection with the audience.

The most important lesson that the future leaders and students took from the meeting is that demonstrating empathy and compassion is at the heart of not only perfect interpersonal relationships and social skills acquisition, but also supports true leaders on the path to success.

The ability to understand and empathize with others is not just a skill, but a quality that builds trust, understanding, and cooperation.

In today’s world, where society faces a variety of challenges and social problems, we encourage the study and application of the principles of Emotional Intelligence in school curricula and beyond, thus preparing students for academic and social success.