An inspiring lecture by Anželika Gumuliauskienė enriched the knowledge of students and faculty at IBS

Team IBS
May 09, 2024

Anželika Gumuliauskienė from the Institute of Regional Development at Vilnius University, Lithuania, conducted a two-day training for IUBU students as part of an Erasmus+ mobility program. She provided our students with a unique opportunity to learn about new global practices and theories in the fields of business administration, management, and public policy.

The main topics covered during the two-day training revealed how modern businesses can use social structures to improve their strategies and operations. Mechanisms for state intervention in the economy and their impact on markets were discussed. Participants discussed real cases and strategies to reduce the negative influence of organized groups on policies. Various models for setting priorities in state policy and public debates were presented.


The lecture was marked by active participation from attendees, who asked questions and shared their experiences, enriching the discussion. Ms. Gumuliauskienė emphasized the importance of open dialogue and intercultural exchange of ideas for the development of modern academic and professional practices.

The students also expressed their satisfaction with the opportunity to learn more about trends in European education and practice, as well as to become acquainted with the mobility opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program for internships and studies at the Institute for Regional Development at Vilnius University, located in the heart of Lithuania.

We thank Ms. Gumuliauskienė for the inspiring knowledge, new perspectives, and ideas for the academic and professional development of our students!