First information meeting under the Erasmus + program for the academic year 2021

20 OCTOBER 2020

The first Erasmus + information meeting for the current academic year was held on 15.10.2020.

The online meeting started with an explanation of the opportunities for student mobility by IBS Erasmus + coordinator - Plamena Gospodinova. Three guests presented their Erasmus experience encouraging student participation in the program, 

Lyublena Dimova, who is graduating from a bachelor's degree in tourism at International Business School, shared the most challenging moments on Erasmus+ her journey from Botevgrad to Breda. Martin Kiselichki from our partner university in Skopje - The Integrated Business Faculty - narrated how useful for the students the Erasmus+ coordinator in the host country was. The President for Bulgaria of the largest student volunteer organization in Europe - ESN - told us how their volunteers help the practical and cultural adaptation of students during an exchange.

At the end of the meeting, the students had the opportunity to ask questions to the three guests and to the Erasmus+ coordinator. Those of you who missed the meeting can watch the videos with the participants in the "Erasmus+" section of the IBS training platform, as well as at the link:

More information about the opportunities under Erasmus+ can be found on:

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