Congratulations to our graduates from the Class of 2023!

Team IBS
Jun 18, 2023

We bid farewell and good luck to our graduates from the Class of 2023 with immense excitement and pride at the official ceremony. The event was attended by the rectorial leadership of IBS, members of the academic and administrative team of IBS, members of the Alumni Club of IBS, as well as the parents, families, and friends of the graduates.

The official graduation ceremony was opened by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Georgieva, Dean of IBS, who welcomed the graduates with the words: ‘Today, together with you and your families, we celebrate a very special occasion – your graduation. But this is not the end. On the contrary, it is a new beginning. So, be bold, and may the light of knowledge you received in university accompany you forward, bringing you numerous successes in the next chapters of your lives! And know that we are proud of you! Our doors will always be open for you, your families, and loved ones.’

Professor Dr. Georgi Apostolov, Rector of IBS, extended congratulations on behalf of Mrs. Lena Gaydarska, President of IBS, the academic team, and himself. He personally handed out diplomas to each graduate, stating: ‘Today, all of us—your friends, parents, and teachers—are sharing in your joy, excited just like you, and proud of what you have achieved. You are the future leaders of our society, influential individuals, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and innovators who will change our lives for the better and teach us to create. With the knowledge and skills you have acquired, you will manage human, material, and financial resources wisely, create jobs and added value, increase our national capital, contribute to the prosperity of our people, and help build a modern and prosperous Bulgaria. We wish you health, luck, courage, and a favorable wind towards new and fruitful endeavors, and never forget your Alma Mater – the International Business School!’

Venka Tsenova, a Master’s graduate in Project Management, achieved the highest success among the graduates of the Class of 2023 and was awarded a certificate and the honorary emblem of IBS. She congratulated her fellow students on their achievements. ‘The time we spent together, dear colleagues, was filled with emotions, joy, difficulties, and triumphs. We all grew, learned many new things, delved into the depths of our professions, evolved, and became mature and serious individuals,’ she said, adding, ‘I believe that our successes will be even greater, and we will all take pride in them in the future. I believe that we will be able to congratulate ourselves as successful professionals! May your life be vivid, colorful, and diverse. Don’t be idle, create, think unconventionally, not in clichés! The world needs your innovative thinking. Be worthy of your time, use its expressive means, empathize with its problems, enjoy it, and above all, be humane! I wish you much success and the achievement of your goals!’

She thanked, on behalf of all her colleagues, the professors at IBS for their contribution to shaping them as “knowledgeable and capable professionals, as well as conscientious and responsible individuals.” She appreciated that they taught their students “to fight for what they want,” made them “competitive professionals,” and maintained “the spark of their love for science, helping them discover who they are and what they want to be in the future.”

And although this marks the end of one stage in the lives of our graduates, “the truth is, there is no end,” as Assoc. Prof. Georgieva says, because our graduates have been welcomed into the ranks of our Alumni Club. They were greeted by its members Teodora Sarakostova, a Master’s degree graduate in “Business Administration and Innovations in Healthcare,” and Konstantin Zankov, a Master’s degree graduate in “Tourism.”

“Please accept my personal congratulations and those of my colleagues who graduated from IBS at different times over the years, with whom we have the pleasure to share your celebration. The friends you found here and the connections you created over the years are valuable resources. Maintain these connections because the collective strength and support of our community at IBS can take you far. Remember that together we can achieve more! Welcome to the Alumni Club!” Mrs. Sarakostova shared.

“In this rapidly changing world that requires constant innovation and adaptability, continuous learning and development are the means to cope with challenges and discover new opportunities for success in an increasingly competitive environment. Don’t stop seeking new knowledge because knowledge is invaluable, and this investment will always pay off, keeping you at the top! I believe that by joining as members of the Alumni Club, we will continue to grow together and work for the image of our beloved higher education institution, which provided us with key knowledge and skills, continues to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit within us, and inspires us even years after our graduation. Together, we will live our lives with passion, achieve exceptional success, and turn our dreams into reality,” Mr. Zankov added.