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Student Loans. Banks

Student loans are fully guaranteed by the state (without collateral from parents), low-interest (with fixed annual interest rate), without fees and commissions, long-term (repayment starts after completion of regular education).

Who can apply for a loan?

Any student or doctoral student who:

  • is a Bulgarian citizen, a citizen of another EU member state, a citizen of another country in the European Economic Area, or a citizen of the Swiss Confederation;
  • is under 35 years old;
  • is enrolled in a regular form of education;
  • has not obtained the same educational qualification;
  • has not been expelled or interrupted their education.

What are the types of loans under this law?

Loan for payment of tuition fees; Maintenance loan.

Which banks provide loans under this Law?

The banks that have signed a contract with the Minister of Education and Science are: Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD, DSK Bank EAD, Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD, Eurobank Bulgaria AD, First Investment Bank AD, Bulgarian-American Credit Bank AD, Investbank AD, United Bulgarian Bank AD.

When and how will the student have to repay the loan?

Repayment of the loan begins one month after the end of the grace period according to the repayment plan agreed between the parties – the last specified date for taking the state exam. The borrower repays the total amount of the loan in equal monthly installments over a 10-year period, starting from the end of the grace period.

Learn more about student loan opportunities, regulatory framework, and required documents on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria.