IBS hosted a special event to present an innovation project – “Business Design” by the Professional Design High School “Elisaveta Vazova,” part of the National Program “Innovations in Action”

Team IBS
Apr 19, 2024

IBS hosted a special event to present an innovation project – “Business Design” by the Professional Design High School “Elisaveta Vazova,” part of the National Program “Innovations in Action.” Student projects for startups related to sustainable innovations in interior design, fashion, culinary arts, hospitality, floristry, brokerage services, and journalism were presented.

Ms. Rumyana Antova, the coordinator of the school’s project, opened the event and introduced its goals: “Our aim is to provide our students with another opportunity for realization, namely the creation of their own business in the profession they are training for with us or in a different type of business, because we create personalities – knowledgeable and capable, active, creative, critical, and self-critical, able to be designers of their own future.”

Ms. Daniela Shosheva, director of the Professional Design High School “Elisaveta Vazova,” wished the students creative success and motivation for personal development. Her message to them was to be designers of their own future, to be creative in their actions, and bold in their dreams.

On behalf of IBS, as a partner in the project, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stela Baltova, Deputy-Rector for Research and International Affairs at IBS, delivered a greeting. “We all share a common passion and belief in the power of innovation to change and improve the way we live. Today’s event is an opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and create connections that will help us continue to develop our schools as centers of innovation and experimentation,” said Assoc. Prof. Baltova.

Part of the event was also a panel discussion on the topic “Added Value in Business.” Participating in it were Assoc. Prof. Baltova, Prof. Dr. Lalka Borisova, and Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Gergana Rashkova from IBS, Prof. Dr. Yanka Totseva from UNWE, and Ms. Gena Sabeva, President of AIDB (Association of Interior Designers in Bulgaria). They provided valuable insights for business leaders and entrepreneurs and sparked a wave of inspiration and ideas for innovation and socially responsible entrepreneurship. The discussion focused on key success factors in business and the highly competitive world of entrepreneurial activity.

Among them, communication and presentation skills were highlighted for creating added value for businesses. The importance of business negotiations and trading skills in achieving successful deals and strategies for business expansion were discussed. Another aspect that caught the participants’ attention and sparked lively debates was corporate responsibility. Successful corporate initiatives with a positive impact on society were discussed. The social responsibility of business was examined in depth, with specific examples of its implementation in the practice of business in the Republic of Bulgaria. The link between effective time management and success in business was also highlighted. The discussion explored whether profits can be quick and whether this is always desirable. Experts also addressed the question of the time required for entrepreneurs’ preparation and the advantages and disadvantages of youth versus experience in business.

The second part of the event was characterized by innovations and creative ideas for business models presented by outstanding students from several high schools in Bulgaria.