International Business School has reached a new peak in its institutional development

Team IBS
Jan 26, 2024

The quality of education is critically important, and it is extremely gratifying to see how the International Business School is setting new standards in the sector. With great satisfaction and pride, we announce that our institution has reached a significant milestone in its development by receiving institutional accreditation with an impressive score of 9.35 from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.

Significance of this Accreditation

This achievement, 37 points higher than our previous score, not only highlights our relentless pursuit of excellence but also directs attention to the high value and prestige of our diplomas in Bulgaria and worldwide. At its core are the excellent professional realization and high incomes of our graduates in leading national and international companies and organizations. This impressive success of the International Business School is not just a symbolic moment. It is evidence of the quality of our academic program, modern teaching methods, and the dedication of our teachers and students.

With this rating, our school not only occupies a leading position among private educational institutions in the country but also the prestigious 11th place out of all 51 higher education institutions in the fields of ‘Economics’, ‘Administration and Management’, and ‘Tourism’.”

How is the Rating System structured:

The rating system of higher education institutions in Bulgaria is extremely detailed and comprehensive. It includes nearly 100 indicators covering all aspects of the activities of higher education institutions. These indicators are divided into six main categories:

Educational Process: Evaluates the quality of education, study programs, and teaching approaches.

Scientific Research: Measures the contribution and significance of publications and projects of our academic team to the development of science and the scientific community in Bulgaria.

Learning Environment: Focuses on facilities, technological resources, and educational infrastructure.

Social, Residential, and Administrative Services: Assesses the quality of student life and administrative services.

Prestige: Includes the perception and reputation of the school in academic circles and the business community.

Labor Market Realization and Regional Significance: Evaluates the success of graduates in the labor market and the school’s impact on the region.

We express our gratitude to all students, teachers, partners, and administrative staff for their invaluable role in achieving this success! Their contribution is a major reason for our achievement, and together we continue to shape the future of business education.