Skills identification

What are you good at? What gives you energy? How do you convince a potential employer that you are a good fit for the company?

Being aware of your skills is crucial if you want to get off to a positive start in your search for a job. If you give a vague presentation of your skills, they may also seem vague to a potential employer. As the job hunting graduate, you must convince the employer of how you create value for the company.

So before you begin your job search, we recommend that you map your skills. This exercise will give you an indication of where to focus your job search and what to emphasise when presenting yourself to an employer.



As a university student you have acquired a number of general skills. Depending on your studies, you will also have obtained specific professional skills, for instance valuation, market analysis, etc.

Below is a list of general academic skills for you to get inspired from, in case you are uncertain about what skills you have acquired through your studies. The list is not exhaustive so use it as an inspiration. You should also add your own specific examples.

List of academic skills:

  • Project organization and management, composition of teams
  • Surveys and design - interview, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, text voting (sms)
  • Comparison of big data - analysis, filtration, selection, dissemination
  • Evaluation - qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Creation of complex models - graphic illustrations
  • Innovation, methods, illustration of ideas
  • Cultural understanding, industries, environments, regions, countries


Proffesional skills

Below is a list of business-related skills and competences for your inspiration:

  • Project management/coordination
  • Consultancy
  • Teaching
  • Written communication/dissemination
  • IT
  • Customer service/sales
  • Administration
  • Planning
  • Finance/accounting
  • Negotiation
  • Management
  • Translation


Personality traits: What are your personal qualities?

In terms of skills and competences it is also relevant to find your personal qualities. We all possess a personality with some characteristics being more prominent than others. In a professional context, your personality is expressed through the way you work. It is therefore important that you are aware of your personal competences to place emphasis on the right personal qualities for the job in question.

When you apply for a job, you have to focus on your strengths in particular.

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