Benefits and offers

Keep your academic skills up to date

Look for master programs and continuing education on the website of IBS.

Career services for recent graduates

career orientation – follow these five steps to get off for a good start in your search for a job:

Step 1 – Identify your strengths - Before you start your job search, think about the skills you have and what you want in your work life. If you find it difficult to express your strengths, motivation, and job preferences in words, IBS Careers are there to help you.

Step 2 – Career planning – It is a good idea to think about your career and your career goals. Let the Career center help you express in words what you wish to obtain in your first job and in your work life in general. Subsequently, we will discuss how you achieve your goals and make a plan for you to reach them.

Step 3 – CV and cover letter – create an efficient CV and a compelling cover letter. IBS Careers has different offers to help you create the best possible presentation of yourself.

Step 4 – Job interview – IBS Career center offers job interview workshops which will train your job interview skills. It will prepare you for the most common job interview questions and practice your answers through different exercises.

Step 5 – Further inspiration – As soon as you have the basics of job interviewing in place, there is a number of topics, which we recommend that you start looking into, for example case interviews, LinkedIn, searching for jobs abroad, etc.


Social media

Use the IBS Alumni LinkedIn group to ask a concrete academic or professional question. LinkedIn is a good tool for networking and a IBS alumni can for example be a good line of approach to a company, business, or new city.Then it’s just a question of getting in touch with them if you’d like to get more out of the alumni network on LinkedIn.


Participation in events

Look for professional seminars, anniversaries, social gatherings of IBS. Stay in touch with your former fellow students and other graduates of IBS – Follow the opportunities for mentor, professor, or guest lecturer at IBS.


Want to join?

In order to benefit from all benefits and offers for alumni, you must register with IBS Alumni.It is free of charge and easy.

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