Requirements for publications

The publisher accepts papers of 30-40 standard pages length written in MS Word or a compatible version for Windows, fonts Times New Roman, size 12, space 1.5.

First page of paper contains the following information in Bulgarian and English: title, author’s/authors’ christian and family name, istitutional affiliation, address for correspondence, telephone, e-mail address, 200-word abstract, number of scientific field in JEL classification (, keywords. The author is responsible for the translation.  

Main text of paper contains introduction, methodology, description of research and outcomes, conclusion. Footnotes are numbered consecutively in Arabic numbers. Above tables and figures, there are inscriptions of numbering and headlines. Under them, the source is indicated. The list of references is positioned after the main text with consecutive numbering in Arabic numbers of author’s family name firstly in Cyrillic and secondly in Latin script. Citing of literature sources in the main text is done in footnotes. Manuscripts which do not comply with these recommendations will be returned to the author/authors for editing.

The periodical accepts for publication papers which have not been published elsewhere. Acceptance for publication of a paper means that copyright of author is transferred to the periodical. Paper or parts of it cannot be published elsewhere without the written consent of the Editorial Board.

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