International Business School has been accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency to offer postgraduate education through PhD Programmes in the scientific major:

  • Administration and Management (Businessadministration) in professional field 3.7 Administration and Management;
  • Economics and Management (Industry) in professional field 3.8 Economics;
  • Economics and Management (Tourism) in professional field 3.9 Tourism.


Training in the PhD Programmes offers:

  • Continuation of the education in the Bachelor and Master degrees, applying the same quality standards of teaching and research;
  • Developing the capacity and experience of IBS and expansion of the PhD programmes in the related fields of economics, management, international relations and finance;
  • Offering training in research topics, relevant to the economic development of the country and of interest to specific business organizations and management structures at national and regional level;
  • Attraction and motivation of the best students, alumni of IBS, other universities and stakeholders with the adequate experience to work a specific environment;
  • Quality assurance and competitive instruction content, appropriate conditions for ambitious research and applied research;
  • Establishing PhD training as a comprehensive base for the development of the academic staff at IBS and guarantee of complying with the regulations and compositeness in the education sector.
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