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Digital marketing is one of the professions of the future. So we offer you a new and modern business program in Digital Marketing called Digital Pro.

In the course of 10 months, you will learn and master 12 different and all-encompassing thematic courses. Instruction will start on 11 September 2018 and will finish on 30 May 2019. The State Exam will be held in the period 17 – 21 June 2019.



The business program in Digital Marketing is a unique novel program of the International Business School (IBS).

Prepared and realized in full by experts and academics coming from leading firms in the digital marketing of Bulgarian business.

Priorities of IBS are adequacy of teaching with regard to surrounding business environment, innovativeness and integration with leading business companies.



The business program in Digital Marketing is a unique program because it joins together proven professionals with rich practical experience in different spheres. They will teach participants, will share knowledge and will impart their priceless professional business experience in the area of digital marketing.


Fulltime and Online

Instruction alternatives are fulltime and online.

Contact teaching hours are held at the new modern building of the IBS on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Online instruction is executed by means of the IBS contemporary teaching/learning platform Moodle. It is offered to all those who cannot participate directly, who live and work in distant locations and who have other engagements. They will learn by distance using their personal computers.

12 modules

State exam



What will you get if you join the program?

  • Real and applicable knowledge provided by leading marketing expert with rich practical business experience
  • Pragmatic 10-month instruction on major topics of Digital Marketing
  • Significant knowledge and competences assessed by means of a State Exam
  • A certificate of professional qualification issued by the IBS
  • Opportunities of support and guidance in a future professional career in the area of Digital Marketing
  • Creating interpersonal contacts among interesting innovative people and business experts

12 learning topics in the syllabus

Make use of the professional experience, practical advice and strategies of some of the best marketing experts in Bulgarian business!


Mission and aims of the program

Unity and joint action of business and education in the training of expert professionals

The business program in Digital Marketing is focused on the training of professionals

Business and university education resolve together the challenge of the new beginning in the education in business

A new beginning and a new approach born by fast-moving IT technologies and digitalization as modern means and environment of any business

The aim of the business program in Digital Marketing is not only to sell education or to inform people!

The aim of the business program in Digital Marketing is to create stable and significant pragmatic link between real business and university continuing education, and lifelong learning providing modern standardized and affordable education in modern digital marketing.


Certification of completion of the program

What document will you get?

  • The document is compatible with all state requirements and standards for certification of acquired knowledge and competences obtained as a result of education in the program in Digital Marketing.
  • The document is a Certificate of professional qualification attesting the successful completion of a full course of study.
  • The document is received after a successful State Exam.
  • The document is your professional face and competitive advantage in working in marketing.


Educational Institution

IBS is a modern university offering this new business program in Digital Marketing.

Established in 1991, it is part of Bulgarian education space.

It is the contemporary international business university which develops introducing practices and education standards of modern higher business education.

Internationalization and digitalization of education make it the up-to-date and significant university for Business in Bulgaria.

Bachelor's, Master's, PhD and Business programs are in sectors defining the structure of Bulgarian economy – Administration and Management, Economics and Tourism.

Modern processes of fast development of IT technologies and the accompanying digitalization encompass all business processes and define the successful development of business. Of course, these processes are also fundamental in the strategic development of the university.

IBS priorities are adequacy of education and the surrounding business environment, innovation and integration with leading business companies.

In modern life, the time factor is fundamental in all activities.

Even more young people need and seek opportunities for short-tern pragmatic training based on knowledge of modern processes, analyses of activities and ways of amassing professional competences in the sphere selected for professional growth.

The answer to such necessities and challenges is in the business program in Digital Marketing.

Since 2017, IBS executes its education in a new modern academic building in Sofia. It is the place not only of teaching but also of personal social and cultural communication.

In 2004, a Quality Management System was implemented; since then it has functioned successfully. It complies with the modern requirements of the Standard EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Partnering Business Organization

On the part of business, the partner is Zapomedia Company managed by young, innovative, seeking and capable managers.

Through the years the Zapomedia team has worked with big companies and popular personalities developing and executing digital marketing strategies. Having amassed rich practical experience and having achieved results, the team has designed a platform for online teaching in Marketing and Business called Online Business Academy ( For about 3 years the platform has managed to attract over 15 000 students who have participated in free and paid fulltime and online trainings in Digital Marketing.



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