Requirements for reports and abstracts

Texts of reports should be prepared for print with Microsoft Office. Additional editing is not considered. Maximum volume is 15 sheets.

The text should be laid out this way:
TITLE- Font: Times New Roman; Font style: Bold; Effects: All Caps; Alignment: Centered: First Line: 0 mm.

AUTHORS` NAMES are printed every second line under the title in full – full name, initials of other name(s) and full family name; Font: times New Roman, Size: 12, Font style: Bold, Alignment: Centered; First line: 0 mm.

THE TITLE AND THE AUTHORS` NAMES IN ENGLISH are laid out on the Bulgarian model every second line.

ANNOTATION AND KEY WORDS IN ENGLISH: annotation (Abstract) should be up to 10 lines, printed every second line – Font: Times New Roman; Size: 10; Font style: Italic; Alignment: Justified; First line: 10mm; key words follow every second line (descriptors –KEYWORDS) – Font: Times New Roman; Size: 10; Font Style: Italic; Alignment: Justified; First line: 10 mm. Both elements are 10mm left and right of the frame bordering the main text.

Font: Times New Roman; Size: 12; First line: 10 mm; Alignment: Justified; space between lines – Single.

Figures (black and white) and tables should be integrated in the text with numbering and names underneath (centered).

Formulae should have even numbering on the right – with figures and brackets ( ).

Bibliography, quoted in the text, comes at the end of the report and is not numbered. Authors are mentioned with their family name and the year of publishing. Example:

Petrov, I. 2005. New methods for defining… Labour problems, 5: 23-31.

Scott, A. 2004 Problems of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, 18 (2): 7-16.

Addresses for correspondence are written on the final page, with the authors` full names, academic position, scientific grade and scientific organization.

Reports should be sent to the following e-mail

Maximum number of reports for each participant is two, including cooperation with another author.

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