PhD programmes

Are you interested in a successful career? Are you highly motivated to study? Can you work independently and make decisions? Would you like to become part of the dynamic environment of research? As a student in our doctoral programs you will be able to do all that and become an international researcher.

A PhD degree will offer a whole range of opportunities for you future development in an academic environment or in other positions to acquire research skills.

As a PhD student you can expect:

  •  attractive and modern doctoral programmes; 
  •  competent and thorough academic leadership of professors with international experience;
  •  experience as a university professor;
  •  the opportunity to conduct part of your education abroad;
  •  regular assessment of your performance and a clear statement of our requirements for doctoral students, as well.

Thus you may be just the man for research careers.
However, a career begins with a doctoral degree.

Training takes place in full-time, part-time, independent or distance forms of learning. Full-time and independent forms of instruction take up to 3 years and part-time and distance forms- up to 4 years.


International Business School has been accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency to offer postgraduate education through PhD Programmes in the scientific major:

  • Administration and Management (Businessadministration) in professional field 3.7 Administration and Management;
  • Economics and Management (Industry) in professional field 3.8 Economics;
  • Economics and Management (Tourism) in professional field 3.9 Tourism.


Usefull links:

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