In the International Business School we support lifelong learning and continuously offer a wide range of courses.


Our day’s or two days’ courses offer modern practical training to be applied even next day in your business. They give you the opportunity to acquire new knowledge or update your skills without being devoted to continuous learning. Short-term courses are offered in various forms: evening, day and weekend classes as well as distance learning.


Long-term courses and summer schools provide additional opportunities for acquisition of new competences, in new areas, different from your current ones.


A day’s or two days’ seninar in the field of:


  • Business Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Taxation and Management
  • Logistics
  • Music Business
  • Accountancy and Auditing
  • Tourism
  • Information Management
  • Project Management
  • Public Sector Management
  • Security Management


To find your preferred course and training programmes, please visit our e-catalogue and make your registration. Alternatively, you could visit us during our open doors days (evenings).

Individual and corporate training

The IBS center for continuing education organizes various courses and programmes for a wide range of areas and organizations in both private and public sectors. The programmes are individually developed, intended specially for a particular client. They are flexible and meet completely the specific needs and demands of businesses and their employees. Companies have their significant role in the development of these programmes. The rapport between demanding clients and professionals, implementing the programme, leads to high quality training.

All programmes and courses may take place in the company itself, in IBS training centres in Sofia or Botevgrad through e-learning or in rented conference halls

In collaboration with our partners in this area of education from Austria, Netherlands, Israel and USA we make decisions for organisations’sake that could be combined with spot visits of the companies.

Trainees in open programmes, short-term courses, seminars, as well as individual courses have the opportunity to be trained simultaneously or continue their education in IBS bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes.

Professional training

The centre for professional training at IBS provides opportunities for:

  • a yearlong training for the acquirement of professional qualification and key competencies   in the context of lifelong learning strategy.
  • accredited forms of learning are as follows: day, evening, part-time, individual and distance courses.

The fees depend on the kind of training- full- profession or part-profession as well as on the form of training.

 Successful graduates are awarded:

  • A  Professional Qualification Certificate (after the Ministry of Education pattern) of I, II and III degrees of professional qualification.
  • Professional Training Certificate (after the Ministry of Education pattern) for part-profession qualification, update and development of acquired professional qualification. 


Training through vouchers


The International Business School is registered in the National Employment Agency as a provider of training services following the operational programme “Human resources development:- Programme BG051p0001-2.1.14- “I can do more”.

The target group of “I can do more” scheme consists of employees or self-employed persons excluding the employees in state administration, local authorities’ administration, judiciary bodies, national education systems, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defence.

The “I can do more” scheme provides professional qualification, digital competences and foreign language training.

The scheme “I can do more” offers training to all full-time employed students, working on labour contract.. They are given their programme vouchers in their local Employment Offices. Then they can choose IBS as their training institution and follow one of the offered professional qualification courses.


The application documents of “I can do more” scheme are published in the National Employment Agency site. ( The first session of documents submission will close on 30 Sept.)


The courses are held at your convenient time in the building of IBS in Botevgrad or Distance Learning Centre of IBS in Sofia.

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