I have the exceptional pleasure to welcome you at the International Business School!

I believe that choosing to study at International Business School you have made the right choice about your career and professional development.

In modern constantly changing and greatly competitive world, quality education, more than ever before, is the key to personal and professional success.

We believe that the highly motivated student and the excellent academic community are the two most important conditions for acquiring successful educational experience. At International Business School we welcome students who demonstrate clearly academic aptitude and willingness to learn. We employ professors and academic staff whose preparation, qualification and international know-how are directed towards students’ achievement.

Our cooperation in international programmes with modern universities such as Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, and Breda University, the Netherlands, provides good opportunities for higher education – modern and oriented to the needs of the dynamically developing modern world.

Becoming students in the International Business School programmes, you will become a participant in a mutually supportive, interesting and stimulating environment, created to guarantee academic success and to foster and stimulate your personal motivation for achieving good learning outcomes.

Having crossed the threshold of International Business School, you become a member of our academic family; in it, you, the students, occupy an exceptionally important place.

We, the leadership of the university, the teaching faculty and the administrative staff, are determined to offer you opportunities for your quality personal and professional growth and readiness to meet tomorrow’s challenges!

Lena Gaydarska

Lena Gaydarska


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