The mission of International Business School is to change life, economics and society by means of business education and scientific research.

Our mission has three equally important integrated components. They ate education and teaching, research and engagement with the community.

Our mission is a unity of:

Education and teaching: To grant motivation for lifelong learning to all our students and scholars, so that they, on their part, will achieve effectively and responsively their potential for leadership in different business organisations and communities.

Scientific research: To achieve substantial research and exploratory contribution in order to respond to the basic current problems and issues of business, management and practice at national and international level.

Engagement with the community: To contribute by means of transfer of knowledge, competencies, innovations and human potential for the successful economic development and the adequate integration of this country in the global economy.

In order to achieve our mission at International Business School, we are also responsible for the construction and sustenance of a community of excellent students, professors and personnel working in a supportive and motivating, team-based environment, a recognised model of organisational culture, which is a component of our mission.

Vision for our culture and values

People: With responsibility and devotion to providing whole, responsive and encouraging services for students on the part of academic and administrative staff.

Up-to-date: We strive to be adequate to vigorously changing regional, national and international economic environment by means of modern methods and technologies of teaching and scientific research.

Innovations: We try to be the most innovative, contemporary and important international business school in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

Quality: We are consistent in our devotion to excellence in all areas. Dynamic interaction with the business environment is the leading factor in defining the concrete competencies underlying the education we offer.

Society: We endeavour to be advanced in our way of thinking and social responsibility as a school providing equal opportunities.

International Business School works on the basis of a clear strategy for development up to the year 2020 grounded on the School’s mission and its strengths in the specific business oriented degree programmes.

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