Student loans are granted under the Undergraduates and PhD Students Loan Act 

They are fully secured by the state (without any security by the parents), with low interest rate (with cap up to 7%), without fees, long-term (their paying off begins after completion of the full-time education).


Who can apply for a loan?

Students enrolled in full-time education, who are not expelled or dropped out; Students under the age of 35; Students meeting the above requirements, who have not obtained bachelor’s degree.


What are the types of loans under the Act?

Loan for payment of tuition fees; Loan for dependents.


What is the amount of the loan for payment of tuition fees?

It is equal to the remaining training period of the borrower – according to the curriculum of the respective major.


Who is entitled to and what is the amount of the loan for dependents?

This right occurs to one of the parents at birth or full adoption of a child during the training; The loan amount is the sum of the semester allowance for the remaining training period of the borrower according to the curriculum of the respective major; The semester allowance is equal to the minimum salary multiplied by the number of months during the respective semester.


What is the amount of interest rate and fees?

The interest is annual, fixed and cannot exceed 7%. The borrower shall not pay fees, commissions or other costs related to the granting and management of the loan.


What documents are required for applying for a loan?

Copy of an identity document; Document certifying that the student is entitled to enrol for the next semester (certificate issued by the university); Declaration that the student has not obtained bachelor’s degree.


Which banks grant student loans under the Act?

The bankswhich have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science are Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD, DSK Bank EAD and Raiffeisenbank EAD. 


How will the loan for payment of tuition fees be utilized?

Through transfers to the bank account of the University within a period specified in the loan agreement, but not later than the last date for payment of the tuition fee for the respective semester.  The funds for the fee for the first semester of the first year of education (for university applicants) shall be refunded to the account of the borrower within three days after submission of a receipt for paid fee.


How will the loan for dependents be utilized?  Through transfers to the bank account of the borrower at the beginning of each semester according to the loan agreement.


When and how shall the student repay the loan? The repayment of the loan begins one month after the expiration of the grace period in accordance with the repayment schedule agreed on between the parties – the last date for sitting the state exam. The total amount of the loan shall be repaid in equal monthly instalments within a 10-year period, beginning at the end of the grace period.

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