Business administration

It offers fundamental and specialized knowledge in the area of economics, management, communication, digital transformation of business. It forms skills for working in both multinational environment of big companies and in small and medium firms. It applied modern education methods by means of contemporary information technologies so that students get acquainted with leading practices, business processes and the medium of making operative and strategic decisions for development. The program offers a profiled specialization: online entrepreneurship and business which prepares students for starting their own businesses and for transforming business processes on a digital basis.


Type of education: full-time


  • Online entrepreneurship and business


  • 4 years (8 semesters)

Acquired competences

  • How to register and manage an online company
  • Knowledge of business environment and online business models
  • Generating and processing of data; pricing
  • Competitive analysis of internal and external business environment
  • Business communications in Bulgarian and foreign language
  • Team-work
  • Hiring of virtual staff from abroad
  • Initiative-taking
  • External and internal entrepreneurship
  • Components and management of online sales
  • Development of business and marketing strategy
  • Analytical thinking
  • Management and organization of time

Career development

Online business manager, marketing manager, business analyst, entrepreneur in the following sectors:

  • Industry
  • Social economy
  • Trade

Opportunities for continuing in all Master‘s Degree programs of International Business School

ECTS credits: 250


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