Business administration and digital management

The Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Management program will show you the opportunities and challenges that digitalization creates for companies. It is focused on creating and developing a successful internal environment within the organization in a digital economy.

You will learn how companies are achieving their goals and how the digital environment is changing business structures and making them more flexible and dynamic. It does not focus on technology itself on specific IT systems and solutions, but on the interactions and interconnections between technology, business and society.

This program aims to train professionals getting broad-based knowledge and management competencies. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical training in economics, digital technology and the sociological, legal and organisational sciences. You will learn how to collect and analyse data to reach strategic business decisions. You will develop leadership, time management and problem solving skills.

You will be provided the opportunity for a huge selection of managerial roles in all areas of business. Graduates of the specialty can be realized as managers at different managerial levels in the company management - operations manager, regional manager, project manager, experts, consultants and specialists in management and organizational development.

During the course you will study a wide range of basic, elective and optional courses in order to form solid expert training in your chosen field. The basic disciplines provide fundamental preparation for the chosen specialty in the professional field.

The elective courses provide specific knowledge and competencies in the field. The optional disciplines provide the opportunity to obtain non-disciplinary knowledge in accordance with the interests of students.

 Form of education:




 Working languages: 


 Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)


European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System / ECTS / allows you to continue your studies at any European University.

ECTS credits: 250


Graduates receive a Bachelor's Degree and a European Diploma Supplement.

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Basics of Management

Basics of law

English langluage






Digital business models

Intercultural leadership and teams

Digital organisation

Digital business systems

Information management in the organisation

Research methods



Conflict management

Stress management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Language and culture

Business environment and business management in Asia


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