Digital project management

Without skilled project managers in place, companies are at risk to complete projects on time, on budget, and according to specifications.
From start to completion, project managers are responsible for all important steps in the process: project definition, cost and risk estimation, schedule planning and monitoring, budget management, negotiation and conflict resolution, project leadership, and project presentation and evaluation.
Rapid technological and digital transformation, with never-ending disruption, require project managers to be true innovators within their organizations.
The programme gives you the opportunity to learn how to deliver projects in a connected, online world where brands and organizations interact directly with customers.
The programme makes significant use of inductive teaching methods and interactive activities. This guarantees the skills acquisition needed to work in multidisciplinary, international and multicultural remote teams.
The programme offers you the option to acquire a unique skill set. You will be a digital solution architect. The job requires an understanding from a strategic perspective of why you should do a project, what technology could be used to achieve it, what it could look like, how it could work, and importantly for your clients, how much it will cost and when it could be delivered.
Online format provides flexibility and interactive learning to working professionals

  Form of education

 Distance learning/ online

  Working language



1,5 years (3 semesters)


European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System / ECTS / allows you to continue your studies at any European University.

ECTS credits: 75


Graduates receive a Bachelor's Degree and a European Diploma Supplement.

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Compulsory Courses:

  • Foundations of Project Management 
  • Program and Portfolio Management 
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Advance Finance for Project Management
  • Change management
  • Digital & Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Communications Management
  • Project Evaluation and Assessment

Elective courses: 

  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile & Lean Organisation 
  • Procurement Management
  • Cross Cultural Project Management

Optional courses:

  • Leading Remote Project Team
  • Digital Business Transformation
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