Anticorruption management

This program is directed to the practice of modern management assuring added competitive proficiency and preventing costs related to corruption. It joins knowledge, skills and competences needed for overcoming and/or preventing corruption practices in economics. In the framework of the program, proficiency is created for creating and keeping management skills for opposing corruption and the negative social and economic consequences related to it. Students acquire directed innovative thinking capable of predicting and opposing different forms of corruption.


Type of education: part-time  


  • 1,5 years (3 semesters)

Acquired competences

  • General management competences
  • Recognizing and preventing corruption practices
  • Anticorruption management
  • Social, intercultural and communicative competences
  • Analytical thinking
  • Digital skills

Career development

  • Industry (big companies, small and medium business)
  • Public sector (centralized and regional administration)
  • Legal system, structure of Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Social economy

Opportunities for continuing in all Doctoral programs of IBS

ECTS credits: 75

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree diploma pursuant to art. 42, par. 1, item 1b of the Higher Education Act or a Master’s degree diploma with result not less than “good”.



Applying fee 30 lv.
Fees for the academic 2019/2020 year
Master programmes
- for bulgarian citizens 1250 lv.
- for EU citizens 1250 €
- for citizents outside the EU 2500 €
The fee should be paid to the bank account of IBS.


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