IBS invites you to a lecture on the topic: “The Dynamics of Society: Impact on Business and Politics”

Team IBS
Apr 23, 2024

At IBS, a valuable, interesting, and enriching lecture organized under the Erasmus+ Program will be held. The lecturer will be ANŽELIKA GUMULIAUSKIENĖ – a lecturer at the Institute of Regional Development at Vilnius University, Lithuania. The lectures will address global topics concerning society, which are of interest to European policymakers as well as specialists in business administration, management, economics, etc. You will have the opportunity to experience the teaching methods and expertise of our colleagues from the oldest university in the largest Baltic state, Lithuania – Vilnius University.

You will be able to participate actively by asking questions or simply by listening and enriching your knowledge on topics such as:

  • Social construction as a business opportunity. Leading theories on social construction will be presented, along with practical examples of how businesses can use knowledge of social construction theory, and more.
  • Markets, goods, and public policies – reasons for government intervention.
  • Managing the influence of organized interests on public policies. Practical examples of influence management will be analyzed within this topic.
  • Setting the agenda – definitions will be provided, various models for setting the agenda will be presented, and practical examples answering the question of why some issues attract the attention of government officials, the media, and society as a whole while others do not will be discussed.

When and Where?

  • Wednesday, April 24th at 11:30 AM, IBS, Sofia, 7 Vincent van Gogh Street, Room 2.5
  • Thursday, April 25th at 12:00 PM, IBS, Sofia, 7 Vincent van Gogh Street, Room 2.2

You can join the lectures online from here: https://bb.ibsedu.bg/b/vel-yrq-xqe-o1u

Come and join us!