ERASMUS+ application form



Eligible Participants

  • All students from full-time, part-time, and/or distance learning programs, from the 1st to the 4th year inclusive, enrolled in IBS leading to the acquisition of a recognized educational degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate);
  • Individuals with Bulgarian citizenship, individuals with dual citizenship, individuals officially recognized as refugees, stateless individuals, permanently or temporarily residing, with permanent or temporary address registration in Bulgaria.

Duration of Mobility

  • The period of study abroad can range from 2 to 12 months (or one academic term or trimester) of physical mobility, excluding travel time; Mobility may include an additional internship period if planned and may be organized in different ways depending on the context: activities may be carried out sequentially or simultaneously. Funding rules and minimum mobility duration for education apply to combinations;
  • The period of physical mobility may be interrupted. The interruption period is not counted towards the duration of the mobility activity.

Total permissible duration for each education cycle

The total duration of mobility periods in which a student participates cannot exceed 12 months of physical mobility maximum for each education cycle, regardless of the number and type of mobility activities.

Place(s) of mobility implementation

  • Students must carry out their physical mobility activities in a Member State of the EU, or in a third country associated with the program, or in a third country not associated with the program, different from the sending organization’s country and the country where the student resides during their studies.
  • Students wishing to undertake mobility for education purposes are encouraged to specify more than one host institution/university to increase their chances of selection. You can choose your partner university at IBS under the “Erasmus+” program from here.

Candidate requirements and evaluation

  • The period of study abroad must be part of the student’s curriculum for obtaining an educational degree.
  • Before submitting their application to participate in the Program, students should verify whether the desired universities offer disciplines closely related to those studied at IBS. Information about upcoming disciplines, until the end of the studies, according to the curriculum of the respective specialty, is issued administratively by sending your request to the email
  • Only applications from students who have completed the electronic application form fully, correctly, and within the specified deadline will be admitted to the selection procedure.
  • In the application form, the student must specify the desired universities and how they will prove their language proficiency, by submitting one of the listed documents demonstrating their level of proficiency in a foreign language or by expressing a desire to take an English language test, specifically organized for Erasmus+ applicants.
  • Candidates can demonstrate their proficiency in a foreign language in one of the following ways:
  • grade from a state matriculation exam in the language;
  • certificate of language proficiency;
  • diploma for higher or secondary education with a foreign language profile (philology, pedagogy, diploma for secondary education from a high school with foreign language studies, or a parallel class with a foreign language profile, etc.);
  • English language test (specifically organized for Erasmus+ applicants)

If you choose to verify your language proficiency with one of the above-mentioned documents, you need to scan it and attach it to the application form. If you choose to take the English language test, you should also indicate that. The test assesses candidates’ language skills, with the expected level comparable to level B1/B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The certificates accepted, as well as the method of equating the levels stated in them and the grades from the state matriculation exam and/or the diploma for higher or secondary education, can be viewed here.

  • For students in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of the Bachelor’s degree program and those who have successfully passed exams from the first semester of the 1st year in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, the score is calculated based on the average performance up to the current moment and the language proficiency assessment. For Master’s degree students who have not taken exams from the first semester at the time of announcing the competition, the score is calculated based on the grade (overall GPA) for the Bachelor’s degree and the language proficiency assessment. For 1st-year Bachelor’s degree students who have not taken exams from the first semester at the time of announcing the competition, the score is calculated based on the admission grade and the language proficiency assessment.
  • For candidates who have applied with two languages (submitted documents for proficiency in two foreign languages or for one foreign language other than English but have expressed a desire to take English language exams), two competitive scores are calculated.
  • Students with high academic achievements have the greatest chance of being placed in the 1st choice (most desired) university. Students with lower achievements also qualify for mobility, but they may be selected for universities placed not in the 1st, but in the 2nd/3rd/4th, etc., positions.
  • The period of study abroad will be recognized through the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

Every student participating in the Erasmus+ program is required to take an online language level test before the start and after the end of the mobility period. All participants whose level is lower than C1 are provided with the opportunity for a free online language course. OLS is available for the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Slovenian, Greek. OLS is not an assessment test but an auxiliary tool for improving foreign language proficiency.

Individual support for physical mobility — basic amounts for long-term mobility

  • Non-repayable funds for individual support can be granted to students to cover part of their additional travel and daily expenses related to the period of study or internship abroad.
  • Students and recent graduates who do not receive support for travel under the budget category may choose eco-friendly travel. In this case, they will receive a one-time amount of 50 EUR as an additional sum to the individual support and up to 4 days of additional individual support to cover the travel days in both directions if necessary.
  • Students and recent graduates with fewer opportunities receive an additional amount to the individual support from the EU’s non-repayable funds under the “Erasmus+” program in the amount of 250 EUR per month. The applicable criteria are determined at the national level by the national agencies in consultation with the national authorities.
GroupCountryMonthly grand (Euros/per month)

Group 1

Countries participating in the program with a high standard of living

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, Partner countries from Region 14


Group 2

Countries participating in the program with average standard of living

Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Partner countries from Region 5


Group 3

Countries participating in the program with a low standard of living

Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia


The European Commission recommends the use of green transportation (bus, train, ship), and students can receive additional one-time financial support of 50 euros and up to 4 days of additional individual support to cover travel days in both directions.

After the deadline for submitting applications, the results of the selection procedure will be announced on the IBS website, and selected students will attend an information meeting on the Erasmus+ Program, for which they will be further informed via the email provided in the application form.

Dear students, in case you encounter issues when submitting the registration form, please fill out the form again by opening the page in a browser different from the one you used before.

For questions and assistance, please email:

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