A PhD student at IBS is a contender for the prestigious “ENTREPRENEURS IN SCIENCE 2023” award“

Team IBS
Sep 15, 2023

Ivinka Pazieva, a PhD student at the International Business School, has rightfully earned her place among the 12 students, doctoral students, and young scientists in Bulgaria who will compete in the “Entrepreneurs in Science 2023” competition by the Karol Knowledge Foundation with a prize fund of 30,000 leva. She will participate in the competitive race with the project “Development of Api-tourism in Bulgaria through the Circular Economic Model.” The spots are limited, with only nine projects contending for the prestigious award.

“I remain with the deep conviction that bee behavior can even save every business unit on the edge of survival. I will explore this further in my project through the idea of managing a tourist enterprise based on biomimetic approaches. Last but not least, I hold the hope that projects like mine can even save us from an ecological crisis, and timely measures will declare tourists’ convincing readiness to work persistently, diligently, and lovingly towards overcoming the ecological crisis, and why not, towards bees,” shares Ivinka Pazieva about the societal benefits of her project.

The theme of her doctoral thesis is “Advantages of Implementing Circular Economy in Tourism” with scientific advisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stela Baltova, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research and International Cooperation. The conducted development will lead to measures for compliance with the circular management and consumer form in accommodation establishments, provide guidance for characterizing a working circular tourist facility for accommodation, value exemplary innovative techniques for trading companies in tourism, and further develop the thesis for future working innovative models with a social and ecological focus on the national tourism map of Bulgaria.

In addition to being our doctoral student, Ivinka Pazieva is also part of the Alumni Club of the International Business School. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Tourism and her master’s degree in Tourism Management at our university. Her scientific interests lie in the fields of sustainable development, economics, and management, the development of ecotourism, and green innovations. In the video here, she talks about our common path towards achieving her goals and how the International Higher Business School forever holds a place in her heart.

Ivinka Pazieva is a bright example of a committed doctoral student with ambitious goals and a passion for sustainable development and innovations in tourism. Her project and academic interests have the potential to make a significant contribution to tourism, inspire change in Bulgaria’s tourism industry, and contribute to addressing environmental challenges.

We wish her success!