“Ambassador of Tourism” Awarded to Konstantin Zankov, a Graduate of IBS

Team IBS
Sep 27, 2023

We celebrate September 27th – World Tourism Day with special joy and pride in the achievements of our alumni!

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Konstantin Zankov, who was honored with the prestigious title “Tourism Ambassador” as the director of the company Travel Mind. This recognition acknowledges his overall contribution to the development of tourism in Bulgaria, as well as his efforts to promote and establish the country as a year-round tourist destination. He received the award at the official ceremony for the annual “Destination Bulgaria” awards, held with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, non-governmental organizations, and media partners.

Konstantin Zankov is an exceptionally successful and inspiring member of the Alumni Club at the International Business School. He graduated from our Master’s program in Business Administration with honors, demonstrating outstanding academic achievements and entrepreneurial acumen. While still a student, he managed to practically apply the knowledge acquired during his studies at IBS. Driven by his passion for tourism, he developed a business plan for his own company. Immediately after graduating, he founded Travel Mind. Over the years, he and his team have conducted numerous successful marketing campaigns, training sessions, and expert consultations in the field of tourism for both Bulgarian and foreign companies.

As a part of the Alumni Club at IBS, he actively contributes to the life of our Alma Mater. Here is a part of his address to our graduates during this year’s graduation ceremony: “In this rapidly changing and constantly innovating world, continuous learning and development are the means to tackle challenges and discover new opportunities for success in an increasingly competitive environment. We will continue to grow together and work to enhance the image of our beloved institution, which provided us with key knowledge and skills, continues to foster the entrepreneurial spirit within us, and inspires us even years after our graduation.”

Konstantin Zankov is proof that education and an entrepreneurial spirit can come together to turn dreams into reality and business opportunities. If Konstantin is a source of inspiration and motivation for you, if you dream of gaining knowledge in the field of tourism, do not hesitate to apply for our master’s programs “Tourism Management” and “Resort and Spa Management,” created with the support of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism, which prepares highly qualified specialists for managerial positions in the management of resorts and spa centers. They are conducted in a distance learning format and have a duration of 3 semesters.

On this special day, let’s draw inspiration and strive for a brighter future in the world of tourism!