Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Nikolina Popova and Prof. DSc. Neno Pavlov on being awarded the honorary title of “Emeritus Professor” at the International Business School!

Team IBS
Jan 05, 2024

Professor Dr. Nikolina Popova and Professor DSc. Neno Pavlov have been honored with the title of “Emeritus Professor” at the International Business School. Mrs. Lena Gaydarska, President of IBS, and Prof. Dr. Georgi Apostolov, Rector of IBS, presented the certificates and honorary insignia of IBS to Prof. Popova and Prof. Pavlov in the presence of the university’s leadership and the entire academic and administrative team.


The names of Prof. Dr. Nikolina Popova and Prof. DSc. Neno Pavlov stand out with their brilliant long-standing contribution to the field of teaching, higher education, and scientific research at IBS. They were honored with the title in recognition and gratitude for their dedication to the cause of IBS.

“Thank you for your dedication and creative inspiration, for sharing our journey in the world of knowledge and science, for affirming the good name and authority of the International Business School.

Your work is highly valued by our entire academic community. You possess not only brilliant academic minds but also serve as inspirations to thousands of students and young researchers who aspire to follow your example of innovation, diligence, and steadfastness in science and education,” said Mrs. Lena Gaydarska during the ceremony.

Prof. Neno Pavlov is globally recognized for his exceptional achievements in the field of economic sciences. He is the author of numerous significant publications that explore contemporary economic processes and offer innovative theoretical approaches, significantly contributing to the understanding and development of economic thought. He graduated with a degree in “Insurance and Social Work” and currently serves as a professor specializing in “Finance, Monetary Circulation, Credit, Insurance, and Social Security.” His teaching activities are related to disciplines such as “Human Resource Management in Insurance and Social Security,” “Organization and Management of Social Security,” “Insurance Schemes,” and “Social Management.” In addition to his active academic work, Prof. Pavlov has held high-ranking government positions. He served as Deputy Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission, a member of the Council for Social Policy at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria from 2002 to 2005, and a member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

Prof. Nikolina Popova is one of the leading figures in the field of Tourism. She holds a doctoral degree in geographical sciences specializing in Geography of Recreation and Tourism. She is a specialist in assessing tourist potential and digitalization in tourism. Prof. Popova consistently emphasizes the importance of collaboration between education, business, and government to achieve synergy and successful transformation of tourism services in line with new market trends and demands. Her research and publications in the field of sustainable tourism development and evaluation criteria are extremely important for the tourism industry and are applied in numerous international and national projects, both in academic circles and in practice. She is known for her innovative teaching approaches that combine academic knowledge with practical skills. Prof. Popova has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the field.

The awarding of the honorary title “Emeritus Professor” is not only a recognition of the exceptional professional achievements of Prof. Dr. Nikolina Popova and Prof. DSc. Neno Pavlov but also a reflection of the deep respect within our academic community. They have set high standards in education and scientific research, which will continue to guide and inspire future generations of academics at IBS. We share their passion for knowledge and express our gratitude for the legacy of wisdom they have bestowed upon us, which will continue to be a beacon of light and inspiration for all who tread the path of science and education.