IBS and students from the ‘Tourism and Entrepreneurship’ program participate in an initiative for the development of tourism in Bozhurishte

Team IBS
May 13, 2024

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dessislava Alexova and students from the third year of the “Tourism and Entrepreneurship” program at the International Business School participated in a focus group on “Local Government,” held in the meeting hall of the Bozhurishte Municipal Council. The event brought together local authorities, including the mayor of Bozhurishte Municipality, Mr. Georgi Dimov, mayors and deputy mayors from the villages in the municipality, as well as some municipal councilors.


Project Objectives

The initiative is part of a large-scale project aimed at studying the tourism environment and the development opportunities for tourism in the Municipality of Bozhurishte. The main goal of the project is to transform Bozhurishte into an attractive tourist destination, with Dr. Alexsova leading the project. The project includes the organization of three focus groups: “Local Government,” “Cultural, Educational, and Sports Figures,” and “Local Business and Tourism Operators.” These groups will allow for the consideration of local opinions, promote dialogue within the community, and foster the creation of public-private partnerships.

Discussions and Main Topics

During the discussion in the “Local Government” focus group, participants explored the most interesting and attractive places and tourist sites in the municipality, significant cultural and sports events, as well as opportunities to enrich the cultural calendar. Tourist routes and attractions were also discussed, with particular attention given to proposals for the construction of a summer cinema and a mineral pool, which sparked lively debate.

Participants in the Focus Group

Among the participants in the focus group were Rosen Vasilev – an expert in biodiversity, protected areas, cycling, and ecotourism, Deputy Mayors Vladislava Simeonova and Gabriela Doncheva, Tsvetelina Dimitrova – Secretary of Bozhurishte Municipality, Tsvetelina Tsvetanova – Public Relations Expert, as well as mayors and deputy mayors of the villages Gurmazovo, Pozharevo, Zlatousha, Prolesha, and Hrabarsko, and municipal councilors.

We eagerly anticipate the next steps of the project and believe that, through collective efforts, we will achieve much for the development of tourism in the Bozhurishte Municipality. This project will stimulate the local economy and present Bozhurishte as an attractive tourist destination, combining natural beauty and cultural riches. IBS is committed to being part of this important initiative and to continue supporting the development of tourism and entrepreneurship in the region.