IBS lecturers conducted a workshop on Digital Marketing for high school students from the language school “Simeon Radev” in Pernik

Team IBS
Jan 04, 2024

High schoolers from the language school “Simeon Radev” in Pernik explored new territories in the world of digital marketing and technologies, expanding their knowledge and skills during a workshop conducted by Prof. Milanka Slavova, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at IBS, Simona Mihaylova, a student in the Master’s program in Digital Marketing and Chair of the Student Council, and Margarita Lyubomirova, a member of the Alumni Club, specializing in Marketing.

They introduced the high school students to the fundamental concepts and tools in the field of digital marketing. The topics covered included content marketing, social media management, SEO optimization, email marketing, and digital marketing strategies. This is a fantastic opportunity for high schoolers to familiarize themselves with the dynamically evolving field of digital marketing, broaden their perspectives on the opportunities offered by the digital world, and develop skills that can be applied in real business situations.

Professor Slavova also presented the opportunities for applying to bachelor’s programs at IBS. She emphasized that we are the first higher education institution in Bulgaria to offer education in “Digital Marketing” for bachelor’s degrees.

The training was organized in collaboration with the English language teachers at language school “Simeon Radev” – Mrs. Penka Ivanova and Mrs. Milena Draganova. It is part of the many initiatives carried out within the project “She chooses STEM for the future”. The aim of the project is to encourage the interest of young people, especially girls, in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and to prepare students for the challenges in the digitalized world.

We thank Mrs. Temenuzhka Krumova, director of the language school “Simeon Radev”, for the invitation and the trust placed in us. We have initiated a long-term and fruitful partnership in the field of education.