International Business School is expanding its international partnerships with Poland

Team IBS
Jun 03, 2024

Ms. Lena Gaydarska, President of IBS, held a fruitful meeting with Her Excellency Margarita Ganeva, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Poland. The event took place at our embassy in Warsaw.

During the meeting, a memorandum of cooperation between the two countries in the field of higher education was signed. The agreement provides a wide range of opportunities to expand IBS’s international activities. The focus was on conducting practical business training, internships, and practices for IBS students. Our graduates will have the privilege of being part of the work process in the consular service of the Bulgarian Embassy in Warsaw, in Bulgarian business firms operating in Poland, in Polish tourism companies, as well as in non-profit organizations. Collaboration will be carried out through the Erasmus+ program, which provides excellent conditions for student mobility and intercultural exchange of knowledge and experience.

The possibility of IBS joining the network of the European initiative ‘Three Seas’ was also discussed. It brings together twelve Central and Eastern European countries and offers a platform for cooperation in the fields of energy, transport, and digitization. IHBS will contribute to the development of innovative projects with the valuable knowledge and rich practical experience of our distinguished teachers. Our participation as a partner will also have a favorable effect on our international positioning as an authoritative educational institution and will enrich our academic programs.

Future plans for bilateral international cooperation between IBS and WSB Merito University in Gdansk were also discussed. The partnership will provide new opportunities for academic exchange and joint projects that will enhance the quality of education and expand the professional prospects of students from both institutions. The International Business School strives to maintain its high standards in education and provide its students with the opportunities necessary for successful realization in the global business world. The visit to Poland and the agreements reached are another step in this direction, confirming IBS’s commitment to international cooperation and quality education.