Partnership and Dialogue: Guarantee for Success in Education

Team IBS
Oct 27, 2023

Ms. Lena Gaydarska, President of the International Business School, and Prof. Dr. Georgi Apostolov, Rector of IBS, participated in the forum “Partnership and Dialogue: Guarantee for Success in Education” along with the Minister of Education and Science, Prof. Dr. Galin Tsokov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Association of Private Schools (BAPS) Ms. Maria Kamenova, and the Chief of the Minister’s Cabinet Ms. Natalia Mikhalevska. The event was organized by the Bulgarian Association of Private Schools (BAPS).

Prof. Apostolov extended wishes for fruitful discussions and welcomed the attendees with the words: “For us, it is an honor and a great pleasure to host this important forum because, like you, we are dedicated to the cause of developing private education in Bulgaria. We know what dedication, energy, and belief in the true value of education are needed to overcome the difficulties and challenges on our path. That is why it is important to support each other and collaborate.” He also emphasized the meaningful connection and continuity between the International Business School and the middle private schools, highlighting his high appreciation for the work of the teachers in these institutions. “Thanks to the knowledge and skills you build, your students become our students with excellent achievements and ambitious plans for professional realization.”



The Minister of Education and Science pointed out that 40% of private schools in Bulgaria are included in the list of innovative educational institutions and apply new teaching methods. He shared that the experience and good practices of private schools are important for implementing significant changes in the education system.


In the forum, Mrs. Sonya Krastanova, director of the “Finance” department at the Ministry of Education, experts from the ministry, representatives of private schools and kindergartens, and publishing houses also participated.