Accounting and Control

Accounting is one of the main pillars of any company or organization. No business can make correct decisions for action and develop successfully without listening to the voice of the numbers for credits, debits, revenues, expenses and profits. The role of the accountant is crucial for the organization. The accountant is the “mind” that assesses the financial condition of the business, prepares reports and analyzes, and gives advice so that, depending on the results obtained, managers, investors, partners and even bank lenders can make informed, correct and beneficial decisions for the future development of the company.

The knowledge you will acquire in the “Accounting and Control” program finds application not only in your work, but also in the effective management of your personal budget and will ensure stability and financial security for your household.

If you love numbers and are familiar with basic mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction, if you want to develop your skills to make correct strategic decisions based on data and in-depth analyzes, if you want to manage responsibly and sustainably the budget you have and not to fall into financial crises, then we are waiting for you in our bachelor’s program “Accounting and Control”.

Education Format: Full-time and part-time

Study Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

Language: Bulgarian

ECTS credits: 240

The “Finance and accounting” program meets international standards for training and qualification in business administration. We utilize innovative and interactive teaching methods during the learning process, incorporating multimedia presentations, discussions, business-assigned course projects, case studies, and more. The training culminates with a state exam. We provide opportunities for the practical application of acquired skills through participation in research projects. With the support of our Career Center, we offer internships in leading business companies, enabling a strong career start and professional development.

Through your studies in “Accounting and Control” program, you will acquire specialized knowledge that will allow you to competently fulfill your professional obligations. The skills that will give you confidence in the world of accounting and finance and will provide you with the opportunity for career development are:

Hard skills:

  • Accounting and analysis of the financial condition of organizations;
  • Management of investment projects;
  • Management of foreign exchange operations of companies and transactions with financial instruments;
  • Current and periodic accounting of the activities of enterprises;
  • Work with accounting software;
  • Organization and control of systems for documenting economic activities;
  • Application of innovative methods and approaches in the development, accounting and financial management of the activities of economic entities;
  • Planning, forecasting and budgeting;
  • Preparation of reports and analyzes in the field of financial and managerial, banking and budget accounting, taxation.

Soft skills:

  • Analytical thinking;
  • Creativity and innovation;
  • Precision;
  • Risk management;
  • Communication skills;
  • Conflict management;
  • Empathy and teamwork;
  • Adaptability.

The BA program in “Accounting and Control” is very popular not only because it develops skills that are applicable in many business sectors, but also because the demand for experts in the field of accounting will continue to grow. With the skills you will acquire, you will have many job options in the financial sector. Some of the organizations you can work for are accounting firms, banks, insurance companies, government, private and educational institutions, healthcare institutions, manufacturing companies, and trading companies. The positions you can hold are:

  • Operational accountant
  • Chief accountant
  • Expert in financial and accounting departments of public sector structures
  • Financial consultant
  • Banking expert
  • Financial manager

During the first two years, you will lay the foundation of your economic knowledge and gain a basic understanding of the nature of processes in the economy and business.

1st year

  • Microeconomics
  • Research ethics
  • Business communications
  • Fundamentals of management
  • Mathematics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Fundamentals of law
  • Computer science

2nd year

  • Marketing
  • Commercial law
  • Human resource management
  • Statistics
  • Accounting theory
  • Financial accounting
  • Fundamentals of financial management of the enterprise
  • Philosophy / Labor and social security law

In the third and fourth years, you will deepen your skills and develop your potential in the field of finance and accounting. You will get acquainted with important tools for preparing accounting reports and financial analyzes and you will apply in practice everything you have learned so far.

3rd year

  • Digital economy
  • International finance
  • Managerial accounting
  • Financial law
  • Public finances and tax management
  • Bank accounting
  • Budget accounting
  • Business analysis

4th year

  • Accounting standards
  • Information systems and technologies in accounting
  • Financial control
  • Independent financial audit
  • Accounting for foreign trade transactions / Accounting for insurance companies
  • Accounting for non-profit legal entities / Accounting for insurance companies
  • Innovation management / Financial technologies and digital banking

If you want to study finance and accounting, here are a few reasons to do it with us. We succeed together! We help you turn your dreams into reality and share with you the path to your improvement, whether you want to climb to the next level and start earning more in your current company or you dream of preparing for the start of your own business. IBS is the place that perfectly suits your aspirations and requirements, because we offer you:

  • Programs fully developed and focused on business needs that prepare you to be more successful in today’s multifunctional business world
  • Personalized approach and individual approach
  • A close-knit community of students, teachers, staff and business partners that supports you, develops your creativity and leadership potential
  • Teachers with rich practical experience, with whom you solve cases and work on projects related to your current job responsibilities
  • Opportunity to create a portfolio of projects, proof of the practical application of your skills, which you can present to employers when applying for a job position
  • Training designed to fit perfectly into your schedule
  • Financial support in the form of student loans, deferred tuition payments and scholarships
  • Internationally recognized diplomas and education without borders

During your studies, you can take advantage of the opportunities of the Erasmus+ program for study or internship abroad.

Successful graduates of the program receive a higher education diploma with a “Bachelor” degree and a European diploma supplement, valid and recognized worldwide

Successful graduates can continue their studies in master’s programs in the fields of social sciences, economics, and law. Our Master’s program in Finance and Investment offer a natural extension and upgrade to your knowledge and skills.

You can find more information about these programs and other options for pursuing a master’s degree HERE.