The New Faces of the Student Council at the International Business School

Team IBS
Oct 23, 2023
The Student Council at the International Business School officially presented its new members, which were elected through a vote held on October 8, 2023. Simona Mihaylova, a master’s student in ‘Digital Marketing,’ was re-elected as the President of the Student Council with unanimous support following her successful tenure over the past two years. She distinguished herself with active involvement and numerous campaigns in support of the student community, improving the educational environment, and encouraging student participation in university initiatives.
“Thank you, colleagues, for the trust you have once again placed in me! I am always delighted to meet people with charisma, enthusiasm for work, and brilliant ideas. I am even more pleased when I have the opportunity to work with them. Together, we will create, have fun, and work as a team to provide support for students in various aspects of their lives, improve its quality, and create opportunities for their personal development. Thanks also to the leadership of IBS! Over the years, we have worked closely, engaged in fruitful dialogue, and received support for the causes we stood behind,” commented Simona on her re-election. In the new leadership of the Student Council, the following were also elected: Anna Prokopieva – Vice-Chairman of the SC at IBS, Ralitsa Ivanova – Vice-Chairman of the SC at IBS, Alexander Lalov – Chairman of the “Marketing” Committee, Vanya Stanoeva – Chairman of the “PR” Committee, Dima Todorova – Chairman of the “Social Activities and Culture” Committee, Kristian Alexiev – Chairman of the “Erasmus+” Committee, and Nelina Minkova – Chairman of the “Research Activities” Committee. .
The Chairperson of the Student Council and the new members stated that they will continue to represent the interests of the student community and work for their benefit. They also emphasized their commitment to motivate and inspire students to be active and engaged in the educational process, cultural events, and upcoming social campaigns. Detailed information about each of the new members of the Student Council can be found [here]