1. Economic Growth – Factors and Patterns in the Modern Turbulent Environment.

In this panel, the participants will discuss topics on economic growth and economic efficiency, which are the basis of the economic development of society. Economic growth is an objective process aiming to improve the quality of life of people, increasing the efficiency of the economy and its competitiveness, for priority participation in the international division of labor. The rate of economic growth, the quality of the human factor, the efficiency, the innovation, the technological and technical level of production, the social status of society, all depend on the quality of management.

2. Business prospectives in time of crisis. Digital transformation of the business models. Artificial Intelligence now?

The focus of the panel is on issues related to the economic and socially destructive crises, existed throughout human history and the impact they have on people’s lives, businesses and the communities to which they belong, and the outlook for business in crisis. Covid-19 has clearly shown that there will likely continue to have threats for crises of various genesis, where the small and medium-sized enterprises will be the most susceptible. In time of crisis, however, unique conditions arise for entrepreneurial activity and a powerful digital transformation of organizations. The role of artificial intelligence in crisis forecasting and management currently and in the future will also be the subject of panel discussions.

3. Strategic choice in time of economic crisis: Positioning on the domestic and global markets to achieve environmental sustainability.

The main objective of panel discussions is the strategic thinking and the strategic choice in time of economic crisis. The sudden contraction in demand affects both the domestic as well as international markets. How this change could deliver benefits for companies? Market positioning of businesses in time of crisis to achieve full utilisation of resources, rapid implementation of the research achievements in the production to achieve effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

4. Organisational development and human resources management

The panel is intended to bring together scientists with experience and research results with a focus on theoretical and practical aspects, perspectives and global trends, discussion topics and areas such as leadership, organisational development and change management, human resource management and development, corporate identity and brand management. Neuromarketing and behavioral economics, cross-cultural management, personality, mental health and well-being in organisations are also among the main topics of the panel.

5. Forum for students, doctoral students and young scientists

Doctoral students and young scientists will have the opportunity to present their research results, exchange ideas and experience in the areas of economic growth, achieving environmental sustainability in crisis management, leadership, organisational development and corporate identity development, achieving competitiveness in organisations.