Sixteenth International Scientific Conference

22-23 March 2019, Sofia


Innovations and Entrepreneurship in Education and Business 

International Business School


The central theme of the conference is innovation and entrepreneurship, which are recognized as major drivers of growth and sources of competitive advantage in all areas of public life - from the economy, through social spheres such as education and health, to culture, the arts and sports as professional activities and a way of spending leisure time. Innovation and entrepreneurship provide new ideas and solutions to the modern challenges faced by business, education, the environment. On the other hand, business and education have the mission of educating an innovative and entrepreneurial culture to facilitate the entry of new technologies into real life.


The Sixteenth International Scientific Conference of the International Business School has the ambition to become a platform for presenting innovative theories, products, and services; discussions on the issues of smart specialization policies and the development of science and education; promoting good practice and innovative methods of knowledge transfer.


Within the conference days, alongside the main conference panels, roundtables and discussion sessions will be organized to exchange ideas and opportunities for collaboration between science, education, and business.


Thematic directions:

Section I. Innovations - a source of competitive advantages

Section II. Entrepreneurship and creativity

Section III. Transformation of modern business models

Section IV. Innovative solutions in education. Entrepreneurial Universities


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The conference is organized jointly with the Applied Research and Communications Fund and will take place on March 22-23, 2019, in the building of the Distance Learning Centre at the IBS at Sofia, 7 Vincent van Gogh Str.

The conference is part of a series of events in the context of the European Higher Education Area, together with the Second International Erasmus+ Week, organized by the IBS on 18-21 March 2019, and the scientific session for students, Ph.D. students and young researchers, which will be held on 19 March 2019.

The abstracts of the papers will be issued in advance and will be available to the participants during the conference.

The reports will be published electronically on the website of the International Business School and in the CEEOL

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